Conference Invitation Letter

PRCV 2022 Invitation Letter.pdf

I. Registration Plans









At least one author of each accepted paper must register in this type. Otherwise, the paper will not be included in the proceedings. Jul 25 - Aug 15 CN¥ 3600



Anyone who attends the conference Jul 25 - Sep 25 CN¥ 3000
Sep 26 - Dec 23 CN¥ 3300
On-Site CN¥ 3600



Members of CAAI, CCF, CAA or CSIG Jul 25 - Sep 25 CN¥ 2400
Sep 26 - Dec 23 CN¥ 2640
On-Site CN¥ 2880



Full-time students Jul 25 - Sep 25 CN¥ 1400
Sep 26 - Dec 23 CN¥ 1700
On-Site CN¥ 2000

At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference before August 15, 2022. Papers without registered author(s) will not be included in the proceedings. Also, note that each registration can only lay claim to one paper.

Student registration is not available for part-time postgraduates or postdoctoral researchers. To register as a student, you should provide a scanned copy of your student ID.

The registration desk will open on December 24, 2022, at Shenzhen Kexing ECO International Conference Center.

Please note that travel expenses (lodging, meals, and transportation) are not included in your registration fees.

In case of governmental travel restrictions, The organizing committee will provide three online participants for each non paper registered guest (contact email

II. Registration and Payment

1. You may choose either of the following methods:

    1) Visit the Website:

    2) Scan the QR Code:


2. Methods of Payment: WePay, AliPay, and Bank Transfer.

3. Account Information for Bank Transfer:

    Account Name: Must Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    Account Number: 110061241013000738801

    Bank/Branch: Bank of Communications - Zhongguancun Branch

Note: If you choose to pay via bank transfer, please finish the transfer transaction before your registration. Make sure to write your name and school/company in the postscript. After the registration, please upload a screenshot of your transfer receipt at Profile - My Orders - Upload Transfer Receipt)

Please write your name, school/company, e-mail, phone number correctly when registering.

III. Invoice

1. The invoice will be issued by Must Edu (Beijing) Co., LTD., the conference service provider of PRCV 2022.

2. Please contact your hotel for its invoice.

IV. Contact

1. Registration, Payment, and Invoices: Chao Li (+0086)18510866934

2. E-mail:

Official account